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There can be no doubt that highly skilled, talented and educated professional and artistic immigrants are making great contributions to America, Yet America's immigration system is full of obstacles, barriers and technicalities that often lead to denials of work visas and green cards for even the most highly qualified applicants.

All too frequently, our immigration system looks at highly skilled, professional and family immigrants as mere numbers or statistics rather than as human beings entitled to dignity and respect. And the rights of all immigrants - even the most highly qualified - are under attack from many political leaders and opinion makers in America today. This makes it more important than ever for an immigration lawyer to stand up for humanism, human dignity and human rights.

For more than 30 years, Attorney Roger Algase, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, has been obtaining work visas, labor certifications, green cards and US citizenship for skilled, professional. extraordinary ability and family immigrants. Roger's clients include computer systems analysts, financial experts, fashion and graphic designers and other skilled professionals, as well as artists and performers.

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