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35+ years experience – Harvard Law School Degree

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Two thousand years ago, the great Roman statesman and philosopher Cicero wrote that when people respect the rights of fellow citizens, but not of foreigners, the basic humanity that all people have in common is destroyed. America today has an immigration system which often seems to be based on the premise that immigrants are a threat to American society, rather than a benefit. Therefore, the assumption is that Americans have to be “protected” against immigrants by a system of complicated and super-technical rules whose main purpose is to find reasons to keep immigrants out, rather than welcoming them.

This kind of ideology is used as a barrier, not only against desperate asylum-seekers at our southern border, but also against highly skilled, talented and educated artist and professional immigrants who have the most to contribute to America. They are often treated by our system as mere numbers or statistics, not as human beings entitled to dignity and respect under the law.

Even in the cases of work visa or green card applications by the most highly skilled and talented immigrants, such as H-1B specialty occupation, O-1 extraordinary ability or skilled/professional Labor Certification applicants, hostile and argumentative Requests for Evidence (“RFE's”) are more common today than ever before, and they are often followed by denial decisions.

Even the smallest technicalities can be, and often are, used as excuses to deny applications on behalf of obviously skilled and qualified people. And when these applications are approved, there are often long and unjustified delays in issuing the decisions.

For more than 30 years Attorney Roger Algase, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, has been supporting the legal and human rights of skilled, professional and family immigrants in their quest to live and work in the United States. His clients have included computer systems and IT specialists, financial professionals, fashion and graphic designers, as well as artists and performers, among many others.

Roger has long experience in researching and analyzing immigration laws and regulations, while developing and presenting legal arguments in creative and effective ways. He is dedicated and committed to the mission of protecting the rights of skilled, professional and family immigrants, and upholding humanistic values and human rights with confidence and conviction.

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